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No More Uninvited Guests!

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Mark, Houston's Mosquito Fogging Expert

Whether you are having a party, wedding, family reunion or just want to enjoy your back yard mosquito free, we have the solution, Houston Mosquito Fogging.  If you are looking for control over mosquitoes and other biting insects, you have come to the right place!

Our goal is to provide residential as well as commercial properties with the most cost effective methods of controlling mosquitoes and other annoying pest.

Most residential customers prefer the barrier fogging application which last up to 30 days.  We also provide as needed service for parties, weddings, barbeques etc.


Mosquito yard fogging applications are ideal for those who want to keep their environment free of annoying biting insects but don’t want to invest in a permanent system.

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Mosquito Fogging in Action!

When the weather heats up and the rain begins to fall here in Houston, it can become unbearable to sit out in your back yard due to the influx of mosquitoes.  Mosquitoes are not going anywhere but that does not mean that you have to sit by and let them ruin your outdoor enjoyment.

Mosquito fogging will ensure that you will have a mosquito-fee environment for up to 4 weeks.  Our trained, licensed professionals will visit your home to apply a barrier treatment to the yard, shrubs and foliage with a backpack mist blower.

Using this technique allows us to penetrate to the places that mosquitoes nest and breed thus allowing us to have greater control of the mosquitoes and biting insects.

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Houston's Mosquito Fogging Leader

There is no offensive odor and Family and pets can safely return to the yard 30 minutes after treatment. Special care is taken to prevent hurting beneficial pollinators such as honeybees.

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